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The FRELA Open Data Real Estate Tool.

Obtain your acquisition appraisal reports to secure and optimize your real estate acquisitions in France

Are you planning to purchase a high-end business or real estate property? Access the data from our open data real estate tool. Obtain appraisal reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the market.

FRELA allows you to access all relevant real estate information related to the property you are targeting and its surrounding area.

This analysis provides detailed value opinions to help you make informed decisions and support your negotiations with quantitative arguments.

View your property:

  • Obtain the cadastral view of the plot.

FRELA includes in your acquisition appraisal report the detailed content of the plot and the surfaces of the real estate property you are planning to purchase.

  • Get a view of the facade and surroundings.

Visualize the street, the neighborhood, the facade. Our appraisal report relies on Google Street View to provide you with a visualization and an overview of the nearby environment to consider in the estimation.

Visualize the market:

Price is a determining factor in the acquisition of real estate. Emotions are often taken into account and too often determine the value of properties, while the market may indicate conflicting signals. Knowledge of the prices practiced in the market for similar properties in the same region, along with the advice of real estate transaction attorneys who are experts in the field, will allow you to appreciate the true value of the property you are planning to purchase. Negotiate the price of your real estate acquisition in France with solid arguments to present to the sellers of the targeted property.

  • Obtain sales history: Receive a study containing the known sales history at this address.
  • Get the map of comparable sales: This tool allows you to visualize, on a map, a selection of recently completed comparable sales near the real estate property you are analyzing.
  • Obtain the list of similar properties for sale in the area:  Receive a selection of advertisements for comparable properties for sale nearby to present (or not) to your seller.
  • Receive the analysis of price trends: Visualize the evolution of prices in the area year by year. Compare the price evolution of the neighborhood with the rest of the municipality.

Obtain geodemographic data related to your acquisition.

Receive the Walk Score of the property: The Walk Score is a score out of 100 representing the walkability of everyday proximity services from the residence.

Receive a neighborhood presentation: FRELA provides you with documentation listing demographic and socio-economic information to learn more about the population residing in this neighborhood and the properties that compose it.

Are you looking to purchase a commercial or real estate property in France and obtain your acquisiton appraisall report?

Please fill out the contact form, and a lawyer specializing in transactions will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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