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FRELA assists you in real estate law for buyers in drafting urgent purchase agreements.

You are planning to purchase a high-end property and have a need for urgent purchase agreements?

FRELA provides assistance in drafting the content of your urgent purchase agreements.

In France, an urgent purchase agreement for real estate is a preliminary sales contract that commits both the buyer and the seller to proceed with the real estate transaction. This agreement is also known as a “promesse synallagmatique de vente” or a “promesse unilatérale de vente” (unilateral promise to sell).

It is referred to as “urgent” because it is typically used for real estate transactions that need to be concluded quickly, such as when the buyer needs to secure financing within a limited timeframe. It is also used to secure a sale, ensuring that the buyer does not withdraw and the seller does not sell to another party during a specified period.

If your timelines are short, it is crucial to secure and optimize your urgent purchase agreement drafts to your advantage. Real estate purchase transactions must be concluded through a written agreement: the real estate purchase contract or acquisition contract. The contract should include a set of rights and obligations for both the buyer and the seller.

The advantages of using FRELA’s attorney representatives for drafting your urgent purchase agreements

The acquisition contract or real estate contract is primarily a bilateral contract entered into between two parties.

The contract must be in writing and comply with the legal requirements specified by French contract law. Transfers of full ownership of real estate are covered by real estate contracts. It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an attorney representative specializing in real estate law for the review and negotiation of your real estate acquisition contract in France.

We will help you take into account the expectations, obligations, and provisions within a contract. An attorney representative in real estate transactions can assist you with these tasks. FRELA guides you in negotiating and drafting the corrective content of the contract, both in the establishment and verification of mandatory elements.

The elements included in an urgent real estate acquisition agreement in France may vary, but generally, the contract includes the following:

  • Information about the parties involved in the transaction, including the names and addresses of the seller and buyer
  • A detailed description of the real estate, including its address, size, condition, and any remaining tasks or renovations
  • The agreed purchase price and payment terms, including the amount of the deposit
  • The deadline for signing the final deed of sale and the conditions for doing so
  • Any suspensive conditions for the completion of the sale, such as obtaining a mortgage or completing renovation works
  • The warranties that the seller must provide, such as the warranty against eviction, the warranty for hidden defects, etc.
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms between the parties in case of disagreement or non-compliance with the contract
  • The validity period of the agreement, which is typically three months

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