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Legal advice and intermediation

A team of bilingual business lawyers specialized in acquisition law to expedite, optimize, and secure your transactions in France.

Our intermediation solutions

Intermediation solutions for individuals

Acquisition mandate

  • Search mandate: Benefit from a selection of off-market real estate properties based on your requirements from our network.
  • Simple negotiation mandate: Entrust us with the negotiation of your property.
  • Access to off-market real estate: Benefit from our network of lawyer agents.

Sales mandate

  • Sell with FRELA: Entrust us with your sales mandate and benefit from our international network of buyers while securing your transaction.
  • Confidential mandate: Benefit from confidentiality and our network of lawyer agents.

Intermediation solutions for businesses and professionals

Acquisition mandate

  • Office search
  • Commercial property search
  • Company search
  • Property search
  • Negotiation

Sales mandate

  • Property, site sale
  • Company sale
  • Commercial real estate sale
  • Commercial property sale
  • Office sale
  • Walls and business sale
  • Institutional real estate sale

FRELA Open Data Real Estate Tool

Acquisition Estimation Reports


  • View Your Property
  • Explore the Market

Estimation Reports for Sales


  • View Your Property
  • Explore the Market

Reasons to choose FRELA

Acquisition of Real Estate or Business

Avoid Common Pitfalls and Disputes

Obtain a Legal Review of Your Purchase

Reduce Your Search Time

Understand Your Rights and Obligations

Save on Your Acquisition

Optimize Your Taxation

Choose the Most Appropriate Legal Structure

Sale of Real Estate or Business

Enhance the value of your property with our international client base

Obtain a pre-sale legal review

Avoid common pitfalls and disputes

Accelerate your sales timeline

Optimal legal structuring

Understand your rights and obligations

Optimize your taxation

Our support for the acquisition of businesses or real estate properties

Support prior to making an offer to purchase a real estate property or a business

FRELA offers a property search mandate in France, combined with our legal and tax advisory services.

We select properties from our network of attorney agents.

We will advise you on structuring your acquisition in France.

We address your initial tax or legal questions, or concerns regarding the appropriate structuring.

We coordinate with professionals such as notaries, agencies, experts, etc.

The points of support during the offer to purchase a property or business

Review and participation in the preparation of the offer.

We provide you with our expertise and analysis to help you avoid pitfalls and understand your tax, legal, and regulatory obligations.

Access to our open data: Receive a study of sales of similar properties in the geographic area of your acquisition (upon request, fees apply).

Are you looking to sell or purchase a commercial or real estate property (over 1 million euros) in France?

Please fill out the contact form, and a lawyer specializing in transactions will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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