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Find or sell your vineyard property in France

Châteaux, Vineyards, Wineries…..

Buy and sell vineyard properties

Are you looking to invest in a vineyard property in France? FRELA’s mandate lawyers are here to assist you in the acquisition or sale of these exceptional properties. We offer our legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the wine market to secure and optimize your transactions.

Specialists in vineyard properties

At FRELA, we understand the specificities of the vineyard property market. Whether you’re looking to acquire a vineyard, a wine estate, or a château with vineyards, our mandate lawyers specialize in transactions related to the wine sector. We provide comprehensive legal support to help you realize your projects with confidence.

Vineyard due diligence

Acquiring a vineyard property requires thorough due diligence. At FRELA, we work in collaboration with experts in the wine industry to evaluate the quality of the vines, viticultural practices, yields, certifications, appellation rights, as well as the legal and tax aspects specific to vineyards. We provide you with a comprehensive analysis so you can make informed decisions.

Support in negotiations and contracts

Our mandate lawyers accompany you throughout the transaction process, including negotiations and contract drafting. We ensure the protection of your interests by incorporating specific clauses related to viticulture, planting rights, trademark rights, as well as supply and distribution agreements. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and secure transaction for you.

Advice on wine and tax regulations

The wine sector is subject to complex regulations and specific tax issues. At FRELA, we provide you with legal and tax advice to optimize your investment in a vineyard property. We help you navigate wine regulations, understand the rights and obligations related to the “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (AOC/controlled designation of origin), and take advantage of favorable tax schemes for wine investments.


Turn to FRELA’s mandate lawyers to accompany you in the acquisition or sale of vineyard properties in France. Our expertise in wine-related transactions allows us to offer you comprehensive and personalized legal services, taking into account regulatory, tax, and viticultural specificities. Contact us today to discuss your vineyard property investment project and discover how we can help you achieve a successful transaction.

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