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FRELA provides tax advisory services for tax planning on your real estate sales in France

Are you planning to sell a luxury real estate property?

FRELA can assist you in planning, assessing, and optimizing your taxation.

Given the complexity of French legal and tax regulations, FRELA offers comprehensive tax planning services dedicated to your real estate sales and transfers in France. Entrust your high-end real estate project to one of our appointed lawyers to receive experienced and knowledgeable advice, ensuring legal compliance and the planning and optimization of your taxation.

Here are some possible strategies for real estate tax planning in France:

Investing in rental properties: Rental investments offer advantageous tax schemes, such as the Pinel law or the Malraux law, providing tax reductions under certain conditions.

Utilizing tax deferral mechanisms: Mechanisms like SCPI (real estate investment trusts), FIP (venture capital investment funds), or FCPI (innovation investment funds) allow for tax advantages, particularly in income tax or wealth tax.

Opting for the actual regime: The actual regime enables the deduction of expenses and renovation works from income tax, resulting in a tax reduction.

Defiscalizing loan interest: Loan interest can be deducted from rental income, reducing income tax.

Choosing furnished rentals: Furnished rentals benefit from more advantageous tax treatment compared to unfurnished rentals.

Donating bare ownership: Donating bare ownership allows for the transmission of assets while reducing inheritance tax.

Leveraging tax incentives: Certain tax incentives provide tax reductions for renovation works or investments in historic monuments.

Using an REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust): Creating an REIT allows for a reduction in tax on rental income by opting for corporate tax regime.

Utilizing property splitting: Property splitting reduces inheritance tax and optimizes tax planning.

Anticipating asset transmission: Anticipating asset transmission allows for more advantageous tax treatment and optimal planning for the transmission of assets.

FRELA’s experienced team of lawyers can guide you through these strategies and help you implement the most suitable tax planning approach for your real estate sales in France

We provide assistance in tax law for the tax planning of your real estate sales project in France:

Analysis of individual tax situation: FRELA’s appointed lawyers assist you in analyzing the tax situation of the individuals involved, including individuals, shareholders, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Legal and tax analysis of the real estate properties to be acquired: FRELA’s lawyers conduct a legal and tax analysis of the property you plan to purchase.

Acquisition structure analysis: Our appointed real estate lawyers advise you on the most suitable acquisition structure to minimize the tax burden of the transaction. This may involve creating a company, partnership, or other forms of entities for the acquisition.

Tax analysis of the transaction: FRELA’s appointed lawyers specializing in real estate transactions perform a tax analysis of the transaction to determine the tax implications of the acquisition. This analysis may include examining the tax impact on the entities involved, the tax consequences of the purchase, and ways to minimize the associated tax costs.

Tax planning: We assist you in tax planning by proposing strategies to reduce the tax burden of the transaction, such as capital gains deferral or reducing corporate tax.

Tax residency transfer: If advantageous and relevant to your situation, we evaluate the best tax residency for you and guide you in formalizing, regularizing, and declaring your tax residency to the relevant authorities.

Implementation of estate planning mechanisms: Our lawyers assist you in implementing and optimizing estate planning mechanisms and donations.

Advice on the creation and implementation of dedicated companies, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), and specific French or foreign structures to meet your estate organization objectives, including civil companies, foundations, joint ownership, and trusts.

Assistance in negotiations: Our appointed lawyers provide advice and support in your negotiations to structure the tax aspects of your real estate transaction.

Assistance in managing tax disputes in case of litigation with tax authorities: FRELA helps you in negotiating agreements with tax authorities and drafting international tax conventions for real estate properties located abroad.

In summary, the appointed lawyer specializing in real estate transactions brings expertise in tax law for the tax planning of real estate acquisitions in France. This expertise can help minimize the tax impact on your assets, optimize tax reporting, and resolve tax disputes.

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