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To meet the growing demand for assistance from our clients, we are constantly seeking diverse profiles: lawyers, real estate agents, sales representatives, notaries, accountants, architects…


French real estate lawyers
specializing in acquisition law


19 Rue du Colisée,
75008 Paris


24 Rue du manège,
33000 Bordeaux


40 Place du Théâtre,
59800 Lille


45 Avenue du Président J. F. Kennedy,
64200 Biarritz

+ 33 (0)1 75 43 18 56

Based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz, we are looking for local professionals throughout France to provide comprehensive legal and transactional services to businesses and individuals.

We are recruiting and expanding our networks to support you directly or through partnerships.

We are looking for various profiles:


Join the FRELA team directly or through case partnerships. We are seeking lawyers and legal representatives specializing in acquisition law, real estate law, tax law, corporate law, urban planning law, mergers, acquisitions, and business transactions to assist us with our cases.

Real Estate Agents

Let’s develop a partnership. Access our international clientele and offer legal and tax security services to your clients.

Real Estate Sales Representatives

For sporadic and local assignments, we are seeking bilingual real estate sales representatives specializing in property valuation and experts in viewing exceptional properties.


We enable you to provide coordination and support to your clients in their high-end business and real estate transactions. We ensure legal, regulatory, and tax security in sales and acquisitions by establishing corporate statuses, assisting with contract negotiations, and optimizing their tax arrangements.


Benefit from our international network to enhance the value and security of your clients’ mergers, acquisitions, splits, and high-end real estate transactions.


Over 60% of the projects we support require the involvement of an architect. Therefore, we are constantly seeking to expand our network to recommend local, qualified, and competent professionals to our clients.

Does your profile match?

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