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Find or sell your hotel in France

Buy and sell hotels

Are you looking to invest in the hospitality industry? Our specialized mandate lawyers offer tailored support for the acquisition or sale of prestigious hotels. With our in-depth expertise in the sector and extensive network, we provide unique opportunities in sought-after destinations. Trust our team to successfully bring your hotel projects to fruition.

A selection of exceptional properties

We offer an exclusive selection of renowned hotels, ranging from luxurious establishments to intimate boutique hotels. Each property is carefully evaluated in terms of location, profitability potential, and quality. We take into account your specific criteria to present you with properties that perfectly match your expectations.

Expertise in hotel valuation

The acquisition or sale of a hotel requires thorough valuation. Our team of real estate experts specializing in the hospitality industry uses precise evaluation methods to estimate the market value of establishments. We consider factors such as occupancy rates, generated revenue, the hotel’s reputation, and local market trends to provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

Support in administrative procedures

Our real estate lawyers assists you throughout the process of acquiring or selling a hotel. We guide you through administrative procedures, including permit verification, operating licenses, lease contracts, and industry-specific regulations. Our goal is to simplify the procedures and ensure a smooth transaction for you.

Consultancy in hotel management and marketing

Beyond acquisition or sale, we offer consultancy services in hotel management and marketing. Our experienced team can provide guidance on best practices to optimize the profitability of your hotel, enhance the guest experience, develop an effective marketing strategy, and maintain high-quality standards. We are here to help you succeed in the competitive hospitality industry.


Turn to our specialized mandataire lawyers to realize your investment projects in the hospitality industry. With our in-depth expertise, exclusive selection of exceptional hotels, and personalized legal and fiscal support, we are your trusted partner for successful hotel transactions. Contact us today to discuss your goals and discover the exceptional opportunities available to you in the hotel industry.

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