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FRELA supports you in real estate law as sellers in drafting your urgent agreements.

Are you planning to sell a high-end real estate property and need assistance with your urgent agreements?

FRELA accompanies you in drafting the content of your urgent agreements.

In France, an urgent agreement for the acquisition of real estate properties is a preliminary sales contract that binds the buyer and the seller to continue the real estate transaction. This agreement is also known as a “synallagmatic sales promise” or a “unilateral sales promise”.

It is called “urgent” because it is typically used for real estate transactions that need to be concluded quickly, such as when the buyer needs to obtain financing within a limited time frame. It is also used to secure a sale, ensuring that the buyer does not withdraw and the seller does not sell to another person during a specified period.

Even if your deadlines are tight, it is crucial to secure and optimize your urgent agreement in your favor. Real estate sales transactions must be concluded with a written agreement: the real estate purchase contract or acquisition contract. The contract should include a number of rights and obligations for both the buyer and the seller. Acceptance of the contract is considered after the signature, payment of all or part of the price, commencement of the obligations, and will engage the liability of the parties involved.

The advantages of using FRELA’s real estate lawyers to handle your urgent agreements for real estate sales in France

The acquisition contract or real estate contract is primarily a bilateral contract, concluded between two parties.

The contract must be put in writing and must comply with the legal requirements specified by contract law in France. Full property transfers are covered by real estate contracts. It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an attorney representative in real estate law for the review and negotiation of your real estate sales contract in France.

FRELA assists you in negotiating and drafting the necessary amendments to the contract, ensuring both the creation and validation of the required components.

The elements included in an urgent real estate sales agreement in France may vary, but typically, the contract includes the following:

  • Information about the parties involved in the transaction, including the names and addresses of the seller and the buyer
  • Detailed description of the real estate property, including its address, size, condition, and any remaining tasks or renovations
  • Agreed purchase price and payment terms, including the amount of the deposit
  • Deadline for signing the final deed of sale and the conditions for doing so
  • Any suspensive conditions for the completion of the sale, such as obtaining a mortgage or carrying out works
  • Warranties that the seller must provide, such as eviction warranty, warranty against hidden defects, etc.
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms between the parties in case of disagreement or non-compliance with the contract
  • Validity period of the agreement, which is typically three months.

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