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Find or sell your property in France

Buying and Selling Properties and Estates

Are you considering buying or selling a prestigious property in France? Trust FRELA’s attorney agents to secure and optimize your real estate transactions.

Attorneys specialized in high-end property transactions

FRELA, with its real estate lawyers based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz, specializes in luxury property transactions. We offer our legal and tax expertise to individuals and foreign investors to ensure a secure transaction.

Personalized support for a successful transaction

At FRELA, we understand the importance of the legal and financial aspects surrounding high-end properties. That’s why we provide a comprehensive service, from finding the ideal property to finalizing the transaction. Our dedicated attorneys accompany you at every step, ensuring contract compliance, verifying administrative documents, and optimizing the tax aspects of your project.

Trusted partners for comprehensive expertise

In addition to our legal services, FRELA collaborates with a network of experienced partners, including notaries, real estate evaluation experts, and specialized agencies. Through these collaborations, we provide comprehensive expertise and connect you with the best professionals in the industry.

Targeted search and advantageous negotiations

FRELA offers a targeted property search service to find your dream property. We carefully select properties that meet your criteria, taking into account your specific requirements. Furthermore, we assist you in negotiations to secure the best price and favorable conditions for your transaction.


Choosing FRELA’s attorney agents for your high-end property transactions in France ensures personalized support and top-notch legal and tax expertise. We understand the specific challenges associated with prestigious properties and work diligently to ensure the success of your transaction. Trust our network and expertise to secure and optimize your real estate investment.

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