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Find or sell your VEFA in France


The sale in future state of completion (VEFA) is a contract through which the buyer acquires a property to be built or under construction.

Purchase and Sale in VEFA

Are you considering investing in a property under the Sale in Future State of Completion (VEFA) scheme in France? FRELA’s real estate lawyers offer specialized legal expertise to secure your real estate transactions within the framework of off-plan sales.

Specialized support in VEFA

FRELA’s attorney have extensive experience in VEFA real estate transactions. We understand the legal and administrative specifics of this type of sale and provide tailored support to ensure the security of your investment.

Analysis and verification of VEFA contracts

Thorough analysis of contracts is crucial in a VEFA real estate transaction. At FRELA, our attorneys carefully examine all contractual documents to ensure their legal compliance and the protection of your interests. We assist you in understanding the terms and conditions of the contract and making informed decisions.

Protection of your buyer’s rights

As a buyer in a VEFA transaction, you have specific rights that must be protected. At FRELA, we ensure that your rights are respected throughout the purchasing process. We verify that the real estate developer fulfills all legal obligations and intervene in case of disputes or non-compliance.

Management of legal and tax aspects

VEFA real estate transactions involve complex legal and tax considerations. FRELA’s real estate lawyers are specialized in these areas and provide in-depth expertise. We advise you on the tax aspects related to your VEFA investment and ensure that all legal formalities are met.


To secure your investment in a property under the VEFA scheme, trust FRELA’s attorney agents. Our specialized team supports you throughout the purchasing process, from contract analysis to the protection of your buyer’s rights. With our extensive legal expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, you can trust our ability to secure your VEFA real estate transactions.

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