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Entrust us with your mandate to sell commercial real estate

You are a professional or a company planning to sell commercial real estate?

Entrust us with your mandate to sell commercial real estate: In addition to legal services, you can authorize us to proceed with the sale of your property or commercial real estate to our international clientele and across the entire market.

You will receive a selection of potential buyers for commercial real estate: We conduct a thorough search across the entire market in France, leveraging our client base, real estate agent networks, notaries, accountants, and lawyers.

Benefit from our Association of Lawyers network. As the leading association of lawyer-mandates in France, the Association of Attorney Representatives in Real Estate Transactions, provides us access to a qualified network of potential buyers derived from the research databases of our fellow mandate lawyers in France, allowing us to offer you contacts that you won’t find elsewhere.

Simplify and secure your commercial real estate sales: Targeted visits.

  • FRELA organizes visits with potential buyers of your commercial real estate, either in-person or through virtual tours, providing you with our advice and expertise.
  • Negotiation for the best price. FRELA negotiates the best selling price for your commercial real estate in your interest.
  • Dedicated lawyer to your mission. We select the best lawyer specializing in acquisitions to handle your project.
  • Comprehensive support on legal, administrative, financial, and tax issues until the handover. FRELA guides you through the entire project, ensuring proper compliance and handling all document signings, including the notarial act, whether within our firm or at a notary’s office.
  • Experienced partners. FRELA connects you with all the necessary service providers, including notaries, banks, investment banks, and location agencies.

The fees comprise convention fees and transaction fees, with convention fees being deductible from transaction fees.

Convention Agreement:

(starting from €2000 per agreement)

Agreement authorizing us to put your commercial real estate on the market, coupled with our mandate for tax and legal services.

  • Preparatory advice for structuring your sale in France. (Direct ownership or through a company, initial tax considerations)
  • Listing your commercial real estate on the market.
  • Receive a selection of potential buyers. (Exclusive mandate and confidential mandates)
  • Connecting the parties. (We handle and coordinate with notaries and buyers)

Mandate: Advice and support for purchase offers

  • Don’t miss a word and negotiate the purchase offer.
  • Avoid all pitfalls and understand your obligations.
  • Receive a study of similar real estate transactions in the region.

Mandate: Contract review

  • FRELA examines all the details to ensure compliance with regulations.

Mandate for other services

  • Tax review
  • Legal assistance

Transaction Fees:

Closing Fees: A percentage of the transaction applies after the sale of your commercial real estate:

  • Scenario 1: The buyer is introduced by FRELA: The total invoiced fees range between 5% and 10% of the transaction.
  • Scenario 2: The buyer is not introduced by FRELA: The total invoiced fees range between 1.5% and 3% of the transaction.

(You only pay the transaction fees if the deal is concluded. The convention fees paid in advance will be deducted from the transaction fees).

Please contact us and provide us with details about your project for selling a business or real estate.


We will get back to you as soon as possible to offer our support and solutions.

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