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Assistance in the sale, acquisition of company shares, and negotiation of contractual warranties.

Acquisition or Sale of Company Shares

Our specialized attorneys provide support in the negotiation and drafting of sale or purchase agreements for businesses, as well as in the legal and fiscal securing of these crucial transactions.

With our expertise in real estate, we regularly assist SMEs, mid-sized companies, and groups for whom real estate constitutes a significant portion of their assets (buildings, stores, hotels, campgrounds, warehouses, logistics, factories, etc.).

Support in the Acquisition or Sale of Company Shares

Our attorneys possess expertise in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, and provide comprehensive assistance in the purchase and sale of companies where real estate is a key asset.

We conduct in-depth analysis of the target company, evaluating its legal, financial, and fiscal situation, in order to provide informed advice and assist in making strategic decisions. We work closely with our clients to define their objectives and assist in negotiating the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Negotiation of Contractual Guarantees

In the context of share acquisitions or sales, the negotiation of contractual guarantees is crucial to safeguard your interests. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating specific contractual clauses, such as liability warranties, asset warranties, non-competition clauses, etc. We ensure that the contractual guarantees meet your needs and effectively protect your interests.

Securing Sale Transactions

Securing sale transactions is our top priority. We ensure that all legal and regulatory formalities are complied with, that legal and fiscal aspects are handled rigorously, and that potential risks are identified and mitigated. Our expertise in corporate law and tax law enables us to provide informed advice and implement suitable protective mechanisms to ensure the security of your transaction.


FRELA’s transactional attorneys are experts in supporting you in the acquisition or sale of company shares. We provide you with a team of experienced attorneys who can advise and assist you in the negotiation and drafting of sale or purchase agreements for businesses. We are committed to securing your sale transactions, both legally and fiscally, allowing you to carry out your transactions with confidence.

Contact us and present your project for the acquisition or divestment of real estate or businesses.


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