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Services in urban planning law : Preparation of documents describing and presenting the relevant properties or rights

FRELA gathers the necessary documents and information.

FRELA offers a comprehensive legal service in urban planning dedicated to the acquisition and sale of real estate properties in France.

We take into account your needs to advise you on the list of documents and information to gather in the context of a real estate transaction.

Highlight your properties and stay within the legal and regulatory framework. In traditional acquisitions between individuals, the notary verifies compliance with a set of legal requirements and ensures that the sale is in accordance with urban planning rules. For more complex and high-value transactions, our lawyers gather and study the available documents.

Simplify your procedures: gathering and studying urban planning documents and certificates

First, we will listen to you to understand your project and needs.

With this information, we will proceed with the collection of all necessary information or documents from organizations or third parties for your purchase, sale, or transformation of your business or real estate property.

The importance of urban planning documents in real estate

These documents are crucial when preparing any sales agreement or real estate project. Through these documents, the lawyer can effectively inform the owner or prospective buyer about the obligations and options regarding urban planning regulations. This way, the client is guided in their investment project. Additionally, thanks to their understanding of the legal and social environment, lawyers are capable of providing precise advice when developing these documents at the request of local authorities.

Definition and types of urban planning documents

An urban planning document is a set of regulations that guide and organize the development and planning of a territory. Among these documents, we find:

  • The Local Urban Development Plan (PLU)
  • The Territorial Coherence Guide
  • Strategies to prevent risks (natural and technological)
  • Plans for the protection and improvement of specific areas
  • Guidelines for regional nature parks, etc.
  • The plan of the local community

These documents are applicable to all entities, whether public or private.

Content of urban planning documents

These documents include:

  • Urban planning obligations (rules that limit construction on certain plots)
  • Reserved areas
  • And any other restrictions related to land use

Furthermore, here are 12 key documents to consider:

  • Urban planning certificate: This document provides information about the urban planning rules applicable to the land where the real estate property or business is located.
  • Cadastral plan: This document precisely locates the real estate property or business on the cadastral plan.
  • Title deed: This document certifies ownership of the real estate property or business.
  • Mortgage status report: This document verifies the existence of any mortgages on the real estate property or business.
  • Commercial lease agreement: If the real estate property is leased, the commercial lease agreement must be presented.
  • Inventory of assets: For a business acquisition, the inventory of assets must be presented. It is important to define and identify the owners if the land is separate from the operational aspect.
  • Annual financial statements: For a business acquisition, the annual financial statements of the past three years must be presented.
  • Ongoing contracts: For a business acquisition, the ongoing contracts must be presented.
  • Administrative authorizations: If the real estate property or business is subject to administrative authorizations, they must be presented.
  • Real estate diagnostics: Mandatory real estate diagnostics must be presented for the sale of a real estate property.
  • Natural and technological risks report: This document identifies the natural and technological risks to which the real estate property is subject.
  • Municipal information document on major risks: This document identifies the major risks to which the real estate property is subject based on its location.

It is recommended to consult a specialized real estate lawyer to prepare your property description and presentation documents to ensure that all relevant aspects of the transaction are properly considered and that the interests of the parties are protected.

Please contact us and present your project and questions in urban planning law.


We will get back to you as soon as possible to offer our support and solutions.

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