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Legal services for your acquisition or sale of businesses or professional practices in France

FRELA supports and advises businesses and professionals in securing the sale and acquisition of commercial properties and business assets in France.

Our lawyers assist and advise merchants in the process of selling their business assets. Similarly, we provide assistance to healthcare professionals and other self-employed individuals in the purchase or sale of their professional practices.

FRELA, a team of lawyers specialized in real estate transactions, is dedicated and available to negotiate and draft your contracts.

Our lawyers guide you through the drafting and execution of acquisition or sale agreements for business assets.

We intervene at all stages, from legal and tax structuring to the implementation and legal aspects of financing (collaterals, guarantees offered to banking institutions).

We also work alongside self-employed professionals to draft sale agreements for professional practices and patient files. We strive to secure the agreements and assure our clients of the validity and durability of the transactions.

Commercial properties and business assets are two distinct legal entities.

Commercial properties generally refer to the physical premises in which a business operates. The acquisition of commercial properties often serves as a means for real estate investment and strategic property investment.

Business assets refer to the activities carried out within the commercial properties, such as restaurants, retail stores, or trading activities. Acquiring a business asset allows for the sale, storage, and provision of products or services, as well as the display of signage and indication of the business name. The business activity and leasing arrangements are governed by a commercial lease agreement between the owners of the commercial properties and the owners of the business assets. Acquiring either the business asset or the commercial property requires careful attention to the existing lease and its analysis, which may necessitate renegotiation prior to the transaction.

Discover our legal services for businesses and professionals.

FRELA French real estate lawyers specialized in-business and property transaction to foreigners investors

Legal due diligence for the acquisition or sale of businesses and professional practices in France.

Are you planning to purchase commercial properties or a business? The legal due diligence of your target is a crucial element in your decision-making process.

For your business transactions, the lawyers at FRELA will accompany you to optimize and secure your acquisitions. First, we will listen to you to understand your project and needs. With this information, we will proceed with the legal due diligence of your target while keeping your needs as our top priority.

  • Analysis of legal issues in the case
  • Verification of preemption rights
  • Clearance of appeal periods
  • Analysis of environmental situation and soil pollution
  • Verification of building permits
  • Local regulations
  • Existing commercial lease
  • Prior declarations
FRELA real estate sales and business disposals

Real estate purchase and acquisition of businesses or professional practices

FRELA offers comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial property and business acquisitions, including in an international context. FRELA helps you verify, secure, and optimize all your legal and tax issues. We conduct the legal due diligence of your target.

Commercial properties are generally referred to as premises in which a business is operated.

A business or trade is referred to as a “fonds de commerce” in French, which is the activity conducted within the commercial premises.

We assist you in drafting the purchase offer, reviewing documentation, and contract analysis. We coordinate with notaries and we provide guidance in the tax structuring of your acquisition and the establishment of dedicated companies to optimize your taxation.

Contact us and present your project for the acquisition or divestment of real estate or businesses.


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