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Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession

Our attorneys assist business owners in the transmission of their companies to their children while minimizing tax burdens. We develop an effective legal and tax strategy that ensures a smooth transition according to a controlled timeline and taking into account the interests of all inheriting parties.

Succession planning

Succession planning is essential to ensure a seamless transfer of your business to your heirs. We assist in the development of a robust succession plan designed to minimize tax frictions. We evaluate your financial and legal situation, taking into account current legal provisions. By using tools such as donations, Dutreil agreements, family holdings, or gradual transmissions, we create an optimal structure that reduces the tax impact while preserving the continuity of your business.

Tax advantages

There are specific legal provisions that offer significant tax advantages when transferring a business to children. Our tax specialists have in-depth knowledge of these provisions and use them to maximize the tax efficiency of the operation. We advise you on favorable regimes such as partial exemption from gift tax, tax deductions, and reductions in transfer taxes. With our expertise in tax planning, we help you minimize tax burdens while fully complying with applicable legislation.

Personalized support:

Our attorneys will work closely with you to understand your goals and aspirations. We will design a tailor-made strategy that meets your specific needs while optimizing tax considerations. We will guide you through key steps, from drafting legal documents to managing administrative formalities.


FRELA, transactional attorneys are specialized particularly in the transmission of companies with a strong real estate component (buildings, commercial real estate, campgrounds, hotels, warehouses, etc.).

project for the acquisition or divestment of real estate or businesses.


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