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FRELA assists you in real estate law as a seller, specifically with your urban planning regulation issues

Are you planning to sell a high-end real estate property? Urban planning regulation for your property is mandatory in certain cases.

Respect the laws. Avoid and anticipate pitfalls and disputes.

If you have carried out construction work without urban planning permission or if your structures are not in compliance with the preliminary declaration or building permit, and you have doubts about the legality of your work in relation to the local urban area development plan (UADP) despite being authorized by the competent authorities, FRELA’s attorney representatives can assist you in obtaining your regulation building permit.

Initially, we will listen to you to understand your project and needs. We will then proceed with the regulation of your urban development declaration based on your needs and interests. In France, urban planning regulation is mandatory for any construction or modification of a real estate property, whether it is a building, an individual house, or a piece of land. This regulation is governed by the Urban Planning Code.

The cases in which urban planning regulation is mandatory in France include:

  • Construction of a new building or modification of an existing building.
  • Change of the building’s purpose (e.g., from residential to commercial use).
  • Execution of works on a plot of land (e.g., creation of a boundary wall).
  • Division of a plot of land into multiple lots (e.g., for sale purposes).
  • Landscaping of a plot of land, modifying its external appearance (e.g., creation of a landscaped garden).

In all these cases, it is necessary to obtain a building permit or an urban planning authorization issued by the town hall of the municipality where the real estate property is located.

The regulations regarding urban planning can vary depending on the geographical areas and the specific local urban development plans in effect. Therefore, it is important to inquire with the town hall to know the applicable rules for your real estate project.

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