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Find or sell your offices in France

Purchase and Sale of Office Spaces

Are you searching for prestigious office spaces for your company in France? FRELA’s real estate lawyers provide assistance in your commercial real estate transactions to help you find the offices that meet your needs and secure your investments.

Expertise in commercial real estate transactions

At FRELA, our attorney have a strong expertise in commercial real estate transactions. We understand the specific challenges involved in acquiring or leasing office spaces, and we leverage our know-how to ensure efficient and secure transactions.

Search and selection of prestigious office spaces

We understand that every company has specific needs when it comes to workspace. Our team of qualified professionals conducts thorough market research to offer you a selection of prestigious office spaces that meet your criteria. We consider factors such as location, size, amenities, and specific features to find offices that perfectly match your expectations.

Comprehensive legal support

Commercial real estate transactions involve complex legal aspects. At FRELA, we provide comprehensive legal support to ensure transaction compliance and protect your interests. We meticulously review contracts, leases, and associated legal documents to ensure their legal compliance, and we intervene in case of disputes or legal issues.

Tax and contractual optimization

At FRELA, we understand the importance of tax and contractual optimization in commercial real estate transactions. Our real estate lawyers provide advice on the tax aspects related to the acquisition or leasing of office spaces and assist you in implementing the best contractual structures to protect your financial interests.


To find prestigious office spaces that meet your professional needs and secure your real estate transactions, trust FRELA’s real estate lawyers. We leverage our legal expertise and knowledge of the commercial real estate market to ensure efficient, compliant, and advantageous transactions. Contact us now to discuss your office space requirements and discover how we can assist you in your commercial real estate projects

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