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Our legal services in real estate law for sellers of properties

Secure your transactions: take advantage of our experience and international network.

The law firm FRELA, acting as representatives in transactions, supports and advises sellers of real estate properties.

FRELA offers a comprehensive legal service dedicated to high-end real estate sales in France. We take into account your needs to provide you with expert advice in your transactions.

We assist our clients in legal counseling and representation in the resolution of specific legal disputes related to property transfers.

We also provide a pre-sale service to ensure the legal aspects of your sale are secure.

To assist you in real estate law during your property sales, FRELA conducts pre-sale legal audits. We assist in the regularization of urban planning documents. We guide you in reviewing and negotiating the purchase offer and acceptance. We help assess the sale price using our open data real estate tool. We coordinate with notaries. We draft your urgent agreements.


Our legal services in real estate law aim to secure and optimize your sales from both a legal and fiscal perspective.


Pre-sale legal audit

FRELA offers a comprehensive service of audit and preparation prior to listing. A property or business that is up to date with its legal obligations will sell at a better price and more quickly. Our lawyers can specifically verify ownership arrangements, donations or transactions made prior to the sale, as well as the use and purpose of the property. We also ensure compliance with tax regulations and simulate the tax impacts of a sale.

FRELA French real estate lawyers agents specialized in urban planningn law

Urban planning regularization

If you have doubts about the legality of your construction works in relation to the Local Urban Plan (LUP), even though they have been authorized by the competent authorities, or if you have carried out works without the required urban planning authorization or if the works are not in compliance with the prior declaration or building permit, FRELA can assist you in obtaining a regularization building permit.

This includes cases such as:

  • Construction or modification of a building
  • Change of use of a building
  • Subdivision of a plot of land into several lots
  • Land development
Lawyers specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

Coordination of intermediaries

The real estate lawyer is a legal professional appointed by a client to assist them in the purchase or sale of a property. They are responsible for ensuring the proper execution of various stages of the real estate transaction and safeguarding the interests of their client.

FRELA lawyers coordinate the parties involved in a real estate transaction, such as notaries, real estate agencies, and clients. In this role, our primary function is to ensure an efficient and secure management of the transaction, ensuring that all legal aspects of the transaction are properly addressed and our clients’ interests are protected.

FRELA French real estate lawyers specialized to purchase and sell business and property

Legal aspects of offer and acceptance

Trust the verification of your purchase offer to mandataire lawyers specializing in acquisitions law.

Understand the legal and tax implications of the purchase offer submitted by your potential buyer.

If you are selling a property, you will need to accept, refuse, or negotiate a purchase offer. To secure an offer, it is necessary to sign a written purchase offer that is countersigned by the seller (this agreement confirms mutual assent regarding the “subject matter and price”, any agreement, even a simple one, can have significant consequences for both parties).

FRELA French real estate lawyer support during the offer to purchase a property or business

Drafting of urgent compromises

FRELA assists you in drafting the content of your urgent purchase agreements.

In France, an “urgent” purchase agreement for real estate is a preliminary sales contract that commits both the buyer and the seller to proceed with the real estate transaction. This agreement is also known as a “synallagmatic promise to sell” or a “unilateral promise to sell.” It is called “urgent” because it is typically used for real estate transactions that need to be concluded quickly. It is also used to secure a sale by ensuring that the buyer does not withdraw and that the seller does not sell to another person during a specified period.

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