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Residential real estate

FRELA takes into account your needs to advise you on your residential real estate transactions

FRELA provides comprehensive legal and transactional services to businesses, individuals, and foreign investors for their residential real estate transactions.

FRELA allows you to secure your residential real estate acquisitions and sales. Find your property. Avoid pitfalls. Reduce the likelihood of disputes. Understand legal constraints. Optimize your tax situation. Consider your obligations and rights. Market your property to our international clientele.

Attorneys specializing in high-end business and real estate transactions, based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz, we operate throughout France.

Benoit Lafourcade, co-founding partner of DELCADE: find us in the rankings.


Are you looking to sell or purchase a commercial or real estate property (over 1 million euros) in France? Secure your transaction with a unique intermediary solution coupled with legal and tax services? Access international investors?

Please fill out the contact form, and a lawyer specializing in transactions will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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