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Find or sell your apartment in France

Purchase and sale of apartments

Are you looking to buy or sell a luxury apartment in France? FRELA’s real estate lawyers are here to assist you in your transactions and provide you with comprehensive legal and transactional services to secure and optimize your high-end apartment acquisitions and sales.

Attorneys specialized in high-end apartment transactions

At FRELA, our real estate lawyers based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz specialize in luxury apartment real estate transactions. With our legal and tax expertise, we offer personalized and professional support to successfully navigate your real estate projects.

Complete transaction management

We understand the importance of each step in a real estate transaction. That’s why our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, from finding the ideal apartment to finalizing the sale. We ensure contract compliance, verify legal documents, and optimize the tax aspects of your transaction to guarantee a secure transaction.

Targeted search and personalized viewings

At FRELA, we leverage our expertise and network to conduct a targeted search for apartments that meet your criteria. We organize personalized viewings with our real estate partners, providing guidance and expertise throughout the process, whether in person or through virtual tours.

Advantageous negotiations and tax optimization

Our FRELA real estate lawyers have extensive experience in real estate negotiations and strive to obtain the best price and conditions for your apartment purchase or sale. Additionally, we assist you in optimizing the tax aspects of your transaction, ensuring that you benefit from appropriate tax advantages and minimizing tax burdens related to your investment.

Choosing FRELA’s attorney agents for your high-end apartment transactions in France ensures professional and personalized support. We leverage our legal and tax expertise to secure and optimize your luxury apartment acquisitions and sales. Trust our team to find the property that meets your expectations, negotiate the best price, and achieve a successful real estate transaction.

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