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FRELA French Real Estate transactional Lawyers & Agents

Your all-in-one bilingual partner to find, secure, and conclude your real estate and business transactions in France.

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Real estate mandates and services for buyers & sellers

Find your property

Purchase mandate : Property and professional search, selection mandate. Simple negotiation mandate. Access to French off-market real estate: benefit from our AAMTI network…

Sales mandate

Sell your property

Entrust us with your sales mandate and benefit from our international network of qualified buyers while securing your transaction. Confidential mandate: benefit from our AAMTI network…

Real estate law

Secure your transactions

Legal due diligence. Drafting and acceptance of offers and compromises.  Contracts and documentation review. Coordination of parties. Urban planning regulation.

Corporate law

Business Formation 

M&A, Creation of SCI and dedicated companies. Commercial premises, business assets, professional practices. Transactions involving significant real estate aspects.

Tax Law

Tax Advisory

Audit and advisory services for private wealth structuring. Tax structuring of your assets (businesses & real estate). Estate planning. Tax analysis for purchases and sales. Real estate tax representation…

Urban Planning Law

Comply with the legislation

Analysis of legal characteristics. Necessary legal and tax documents preparation. Gathering of information, and permits. Consideration of the property’s constructibility

Find your property

Sell your property

Secure your transactions

Business Formation and M&A

Tax Advisory

Comply with the legislation

FRELA 9x6o Cabinet d'avocat et mandataires en transactions d'achat et de ventes immobilières et d’entreprises en France

Legal and intermediation services

« Bilingual french real estate lawyers & agents to optimize and secure your transactions in France »

FRELA advises you on your real estate and business acquisition and divestment projects in an international context.

FRELA is a team of french real estate lawyers specialized in high-end business and real estate transactions, with offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz. We operate throughout France and provide comprehensive services to businesses, individuals, and investors in an international context.

Led by Benoit Lafourcade, managing partner at Delcade Avocats & Solicitors, FRELA is recognized as one of the top law firms in France (Legal500, Chambers & Partners, BestLawyers in the M&A category). Registered as authorized agent for personal and professional real estate transactions. As members of AAMTI (the main association of attorney agents in France), the European Lawyers Association (ELA), and the International Bar Association, we are connected to a vast network of legal professionals worldwide.

Over 200 businesses and individuals have already entrusted us with their legal needs.

FRELA specializes in securing acquisitions and sales with a significant real estate component. We help you find the right property, avoid pitfalls and disputes, understand legal constraints, optimize tax implications, and protect your rights and obligations. Our expertise extends to corporate real estate services in Paris and throughout the French regions, where we are recognized as leaders in various independent rankings.

Benoit Lafourcade, co-founding partner of DELCADE: find us in the rankings.


Benoit Lafourcade, with DELCADE Avocats & Solicitors, is mentioned in the following rankings:


French real estate lawyers in international real estate transactions for businesses and individuals

Expertise in the acquisition and sale of residential or commercial properties (vineyards, castles, warehouses, hotels, campgrounds, businesses, factories, companies, etc.).

Secure your real estate investment in France by understanding your rights and tax benefits.

A team of lawyers supported by a robust network of lawyer-agents in real estate transactions.

What is your project?

Purchasing real estate properties or businesses with a significant real estate component

Drafting and analysis of acquisition documentation

Optimize your tax situation

Reduce search time

Understand your rights and obligations

Gain on your acquisition

Guidance towards the most suitable legal structures and statuses

Selling real estate properties or businesses with a significant real estate component

Access an international clientele

Legal pre-sale review

Reduce the sales timeline

Optimize taxation

Understand rights and obligations

Our legal services

FRELA offers legal advisory services to guide you through your high-end business and real estate acquisitions and divestments in France. We have a longstanding history of assisting foreign investors (companies, groups, and individuals) in securing and optimizing their transactions from a legal and tax perspective. Since 2022, our services have been extended to French clients (individuals, SMEs, and primarily ETIs) seeking access to a selective and international market.

Our intermediation solutions

Intermediation solutions, complementary to our legal services

For individuals and businesses, FRELA ensures the secure purchase or sale of your property. Benefit from the network of lawyer agents, access off-market opportunities, obtain appraisal reports…

Comprehensive purchasing support service

We appreciate identified targets with you. We conduct research to present you with a selection of properties. We coordinate with agencies and notaries. We negotiate your contracts.

Comprehensive sales support service

FRELA assists you in determining the price in collaboration with competent professionals and our valuation services provided by our tax specialists. We offer your property to our clientele consisting of international professionals and investors. We coordinate with agencies and notaries. We guide you in the preparation of the necessary documents.

Solutions for individuals

Acquisition mandate

  • Search mandate: Benefit from a selection of off-market real estate properties based on your requirements from our network.
  • Simple negotiation mandate: Entrust us with the negotiation of your property.
  • Access to off-market real estate: Benefit from our network of lawyer agents.

Sales mandate

  • Sell with FRELA: Entrust us with your sales mandate and benefit from our international network of buyers while securing your transaction.
  • Confidential mandate: Benefit from confidentiality and our network of lawyer agents.
FRELA french real estate lawyers solution for individuals sales mandat purchase-manda

Solutions for businesses and professionals

Acquisition mandate

  • Office search
  • Commercial property search
  • Company search
  • Property search
  • Negotiation

Sales mandate

  • Property, site sale
  • Company sale
  • Commercial real estate sale
  • Commercial property sale
  • Office sale
  • Walls and business sale
  • Institutional real estate sale
FRELA french real estate lawyers solution for professionals sales mandat purchase mandat

Our values


We provide a commitment to confidentiality from the outset of your advisory request, in accordance with the ethical obligations of the lawyer.


Tailored advisory service for business transactions and high-end real estate. Our approach: listening to you to understand your needs.


We strive to provide you with our utmost availability to respond promptly.


Over 200 foreign companies and individuals have already placed their trust in us for their legal needs. We are a « Selected Partner » of various international agencies.

Are you looking to sell or purchase a commercial or real estate property in France? Secure your transaction with a unique intermediary solution coupled with legal and tax services? Access international investors?

Please fill out the contact form, and a lawyer specializing in transactions will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Types of properties

    Residential real estate

    FRELA considers your needs in order to provide advice for your residential real estate transactions. We ensure legal security and support you in finding buyers or sellers.

    Commercial real estate

    Secure your investments, acquisitions, and sales (for professionals and businesses) with the services of lawyers and transaction agents. We provide legal security and assist you in finding buyers or sellers.

    Professional fees:

    Our commitments: Transparency and visibility

    The fees are fixed and capped.

    The fees will depend on the nature of the transaction, the type of property, and the transaction price. They consist of two parts:

    1) Legal service fees: Fees for legal services.

    2) Transaction fees at closing: Percentage of the negotiation and/or transaction value.

    You only pay the transaction fees if the deal is concluded. The fees for legal services paid will be deducted from the transaction fees.

    Legal and fiscal guide for high-end business and real estate transactions in France.

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    We closely follow numerous topics in acquisition law and regularly publish articles aimed at helping you enhance your knowledge regarding real estate and business transactions. Through our publications, you will find current topics and points on which we can provide guidance and support.



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    To meet the growing demand for assistance from our clients, we are constantly searching for various profiles: lawyers, real estate agents, sales representatives, notaries, accountants, architects, and trainee interns.

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