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FRELA provides tax advisory services to assist you in implementing your estate planning.

Are you planning to purchase a high-end real estate property?


FRELA can assist you in structuring your estate planning.

Given the complexity of French legal and tax regulations, FRELA offers a comprehensive estate planning service dedicated to your acquisitions or investments in France.

Entrust your estate planning for the acquisition of high-end real estate to one of our legal representatives. They will provide experienced and knowledgeable advice to ensure the legal security of your real estate acquisitions in France and optimize your tax situation, as well as that of your heirs

We provide you with fiscal legal assistance in estate planning for your real estate assets in France in several ways:

Analysis of the individual tax situation of the parties involved in the donation or inheritance: FRELA’s legal representatives assist you in analyzing the tax situation of individuals, shareholders, entrepreneurs, and directors involved in the process.

Legal and tax analysis of the real estate assets to be transmitted: FRELA lawyers conduct a legal and tax analysis of the properties for which you plan to make a donation or succession.

Analysis of the acquisition structure of the real estate assets for the beneficiaries of your donations and inheritance: FRELA real estate lawyers advise you on the most appropriate acquisition structure to minimize the tax burden of the operation. This may involve the creation of a company, partnership, or other forms of entities to carry out the acquisition, inheritance, or donation.

Tax analysis of the succession transmission: FRELA’s real estate lawyers conduct a tax analysis of the transaction to determine the tax implications of the donation or inheritance. This analysis may include examining the tax impact on the entities involved, the tax consequences of the acquisition, and ways to minimize tax costs associated with the transaction, donation, or inheritance.

Tax planning for donations and successions: We assist you in tax planning by proposing strategies to reduce the tax burden of the operation, such as lifetime donations, the use of usufruct and bare ownership, capital gains tax deferral, reduction of corporate tax, and more.

Transfer of tax residency during a donation or inheritance of real estate in France: When advantageous and depending on the circumstances, we evaluate the best tax residency for you and the beneficiaries of your donations and legacies, and we assist you in formalizing, regularizing, and declaring your situation to the relevant tax authorities.

Implementation of transmission mechanisms: FRELA lawyers assist you in setting up and optimizing your estate transmission and donation mechanisms.

Advice on the creation and implementation of entities dedicated to estate transmission, donations, and successions: We provide guidance on the establishment of specific French or foreign entities such as REIT(Real Estate Investment Trust), foundations, co-ownership, and trusts to meet your goals in organizing your assets and those of your descendants.

Assistance in handling tax disputes in case of litigation with the tax authorities during donations and successions. FRELA helps you negotiate agreements with the tax authorities and draft international tax conventions for real estate properties located abroad.

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