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FRELA assists you in real estate law for sellers: we conduct a pre-sale legal audit of your property.

Are you planning to sell a high-end real estate property? The pre-sale legal audit of your property will provide you with a comprehensive overview of its legal situation, allowing you to negotiate with a clear understanding.

Ensure compliance with laws. Avoid and anticipate pitfalls and disputes.

FRELA’s attorneys at law accompany you to optimize and secure your real estate sales in France.

First, we will listen to you to understand your project and needs. With this information, we will proceed with the legal audit of your property based on your specific requirements and interests.

Why do you need a pre-sale audit for real estate in France?

When selling a real estate property in France, it is important to conduct a pre-sale audit to ensure a smooth transaction. This type of audit can be carried out by “attorneys at law specializing in real estate transactions.” The audit will help identify any potential legal issues that may arise during the sale, such as disputes over property titles or issues with the property itself. It is highly recommended to conduct an audit before proceeding with any real estate sales in France.

In France, an audit is advised before any real estate sale.

The audit provides various assurances regarding the smooth progress and compliance of the real estate sales process. The task of the audit is to verify the legal status of a property, highlight any anomalies or non-compliance with laws and regulations in force, and provide an objective opinion. The auditor can review and collect all necessary documents for the smooth progress of the transaction, such as urban planning certificates and property titles.

The objective of the audit in a real estate sale

The main objective of the audit is to ensure compliance and protection for both the buyer and the seller. The audit can help anticipate difficulties before the sale and propose any necessary restructuring to facilitate the process.

Our methodology for pre-sale legal audits to guide sellers in their assessments:

We will conduct a comprehensive pre-sale legal audit of your real estate property.

First, we will create a list of strengths and weaknesses based on the internal and external analysis of your situation.

As real estate attorneys in France, we believe that a pre-sale legal audit is a key step in assessing the risks and opportunities associated with the sale of real estate properties or businesses. Here is a methodology for the legal audit to guide sellers in their assessments:

Collection of all available information: The first step is to gather all available information about the real estate property or business for sale, such as contracts, permits, plans, authorizations, notarial deeds, tax declarations, and administrative documents.

Identification of stakeholders: Identify the parties involved, such as owners, tenants, suppliers, customers, employees, administrative authorities, and third parties involved in previous transactions.

Examination of documentation: Review the documents to verify their validity, authenticity, and consistency with verbal statements.

Analysis of property rights: Verify property rights to demonstrate that you have the right to sell and that the titles are clear and free from charges and mortgages.

Review of urban planning documents: Review urban planning documents to ensure that the real estate property complies with urban planning regulations and has the necessary permits for construction, renovation, or expansion.

Verification of permits and authorizations: Verify that all necessary authorizations have been obtained for construction works, extensions, modifications, or changes in the use of the property.

Assessment of environmental risks: Review potential environmental risks, such as soil pollution, groundwater or watercourse pollution, as well as risks related to noise or odor nuisances.

Analysis of contracts: Verify lease agreements, employment contracts, supplier contracts, sales contracts, maintenance contracts, and subcontracting contracts to ensure compliance with current regulations and the absence of restrictive clauses.

Evaluation of tax risks: Review potential tax risks related to the sale of the property, such as VAT, registration fees, property tax, business tax, and residence tax.

Examination of warranties: Review provided warranties, such as eviction warranties, warranties against hidden defects, compliance warranties, and warranties for proper functioning.

Verification of insurance: Ensure that all mandatory insurance policies have been taken out for the property, such as liability insurance, construction insurance, multi-risk home insurance, and ten-year insurance.

A pre-sale legal audit is a crucial step in the sale of real estate properties or businesses in France. Legal risks can have a significant impact on the value of the property or business, as well as the profitability and viability of the investment. It is important, therefore, to conduct a pre-sale legal risk audit with the assistance of a real estate attorney before listing a property or business on the market.

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