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Sale mandate for professionals, SMEs, MSEs, and groups: legal services and international sales mandate

A comprehensive legal and transactional service

Entrust us with your sales mandate: In addition to our extensive knowledge of corporate and transactional law, we will market your property or business to potential buyers in foreign markets.

You will receive a selection of potential buyers who may be interested in your property. We will present your property to our international client base, our network of partners, and potentially through targeted communication channels (international lawyer platforms, international networks, specialized international press, etc.).

Targeted visits: FRELA organizes targeted visits with our partners, either in person or remotely, providing you with our advice and expertise.

Negotiation for the best price: FRELA, potentially in collaboration with a financial intermediary or investment bank, participates in negotiations in foreign languages.

Dedicated lawyer to your mission: We assign a lawyer specializing in acquisitions to your project.

Support for legal, administrative, financial, and tax matters until the closing of the transaction: FRELA assists you in optimizing your project, ensuring compliance with all necessary documents, and handling the transaction process, whether it be with the notary or within our firm.

Experienced partners: FRELA connects you with all the necessary service providers, including notaries, banks, investment banks, and location agencies.

Our intermediation solutions to optimize and secure sales mandates for businesses and professionals

FRELA French real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases vegniard transaction in France

Property sale

FRELA legal services to businesses and professionals

Company sale

FRELA French real estate lawyer secure buildings trasactions.

Commercial real estate sale

FRELA Fench real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases for bussinesses assets transactions

Sale of commercial premises

FRELA Fench real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases for offices transactions

Office sale

FRELA Fench real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases for hotels transactions

Sale of property and business

FRELA 9x6o Cabinet d'avocat et mandataires en transactions d'achat et de ventes immobilières et d’entreprises en France

Legal advice and intermediation:


“Hire a bilingual business lawyer specializing in real estate acquisitions to expedite and secure your property sales in France”

Secure and execute your sale with a mandate attorney

Expertise for the sale of a residential property or a commercial asset (such as a castle, vineyard, warehouse, campground, restaurant, factory, business…)

Secure your real estate sale in France by understanding your legal rights and tax opportunities

A team of lawyers and the strength of a network of mandate attorneys in real estate transactions.

Reasons to mandate FRELA to conduct your real estate sale in France

Mandate for the sale of real estate properties in France.

Access a network beyond traditional real estate agencies.

International targeting.

Obtain a legal review of the purchase.

Reduce your search time.

Understand your rights and obligations.

Save on your acquisition.

Optimize your taxation.

Structure your sale with an appropriate setup.

FRELA French real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases vegniard transaction in France

Why choose FRELA’s lawyers and real estate transaction agents?

FRELA understands your sales project and successfully carries out negotiations related to the contract.

FRELA acts on behalf of its clients at every stage of the sales contract.

FRELA provides advice as well as administrative, tax, and legal documents, drafts and verifies deeds, creates articles of association, and performs legal audits.

FRELA advises you on all legal and tax aspects of your project.

We ensure the accuracy and compliance of contracts and administrative documents so that you are in good standing with the authorities.

Created by Benoit Lafourcade, a business and acquisitions lawyer and founding partner of Delcade Avocats & Solicitors, FRELA is based on a network of over 20 lawyers and 4 agencies in France.

We enable you to avoid pitfalls, reduce the likelihood of disputes, understand tax and legal constraints, and take into account your obligations

Save time

Benefit from the network and expertise of FRELA, the real estate hunter and business expert.

International targeting to maximize your chances of selling quickly.

Take advantage of our support in administrative procedures and coordination with agencies and notaries.

Mandate us to initiate your first negotiations.

Access the Off Market opportunities.


Optimize your transactions

Set the right selling price: With our open data tools providing recent transaction values for similar properties in the area.

Support for negotiating under the best conditions.

Optimize taxes, taxation, and charges for your real estate sale.

Create the right financial structures, such as REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), succession planning, and taxation.

FRELA Fench real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases properties transaction our fees

Our support for the sale of businesses or real estate properties

Points to consider before listing a property or business for sale:

FRELA offers a comprehensive mandate for selling properties in France, coupled with our legal and tax advisory services: Entrust us with your sales mandate. You will receive a selection of buyers that align with your needs from our international clientele and network of real estate agents, notaries, and accountants, supported by our dedicated digital tools.

We will provide guidance on structuring your sale in France.

We can address your initial questions regarding taxation and fiscal matters.

We will handle the coordination and communication with notaries, agencies, and potential buyers.

Points of support during the sale of a property in France:

We assist in evaluating the received offers.

We provide our expertise and analysis to help you navigate potential pitfalls and understand your fiscal, legal, and juridical obligations.

Accessing our open data, obtain the right price by receiving a study of sales for similar properties in the geographic area of the property.

Please contact us and provide us with details about your project for selling a business or real estate.


We will get back to you as soon as possible to offer our support and solutions.

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