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Legal services in real estate law for businesses.

FRELA provides guidance and advice to buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in France regarding their obligations and rights.

FRELA offers comprehensive legal services in corporate real estate law, dedicated to the acquisition and sale of commercial properties in France. We take into account your specific needs to provide tailored advice for your transactions, including assistance in finding or selling your property or business.

We support professionals through legal counsel and representation in resolving specific legal disputes related to acquisitions.

We also offer pre-acquisition services to ensure the legal security of your transaction.

FRELA helps you verify, secure, and optimize all your legal considerations. We conduct a legal audit of your target property. We assist you in drafting or reviewing purchase offers and contracts of sale. We review acquisition or sale documentation. We coordinate with notaries and provide guidance in drafting and reviewing urgent purchase and sale agreements.

Discover our legal services in real estate law.

FRELA Fench real estate lawyers secure sales and purchases for properties and business transactions

Legal Due Diligence of a Target

Our methodology for guiding you in your assessments of commercial real estate transactions.

We provide support in conducting a legal due diligence for your acquisitions and disposals of commercial real estate. In the initial phase, we will compile a list of strengths and weaknesses identified during the legal due diligence.

  • Analysis of legal issues in the case
  • Verification of preemption rights
  • Clearance of appeal periods
  • Analysis of environmental situation and soil pollution
  • Verification of building permits
  • Local regulations
  • Commercial lease
  • Preparation of preliminary statements

Drafting and Review of the Offer

The purchase offer is regulated and must include the following specific information:

  • Buyer’s identity
  • Purchase price
  • Transaction details
  • Offer conditions
  • Confidentiality
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Transaction timeline
  • Buyer’s commitments
  • Warranties
  • Asset/liability details
  • Due diligence
  • Costs/Financing
  • Termination

Review of the Acquisition Documentation

FRELA lists, verifies, secures, optimizes, and certifies your acquisition and sale documents.

  • The letter of intent
  • The memorandum of understanding
  • The acquisition agreement
  • The due diligence report
  • The sales and purchase contracts: Confidentiality agreements
  • Regulatory authorizations
  • Asset evaluations
  • Property title
  • The preliminary sales agreement: Notarial deeds T
  • axes and duties: Technical assessments
  • Easements: Urban planning certificate
  • Any mortgages
  • Termination clauses
  • Suspensive conditions
  • Guarantees and insurance
  • Seller’s obligations
Lawyers specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

Notary coordination

FRELA provides a comprehensive service during the process of buying and selling real estate.

First, we will listen to you in order to understand your project and needs. With these elements, we proceed to coordinate the parties involved. We verify the documents provided and advise you on the necessary steps. We enable you to have an overview of the transaction, save time, and minimize your travel with our signature representation and negotiation solution.

FRELA French real estate lawyer support during the offer to purchase a property or business

Contract review for acquisition

The advantages of using FRELA to review your acquisition contract during a real estate purchase:

FRELA provides guidance in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the content of the contract, both in its establishment and in the verification of mandatory elements.

  • The full names of the parties
  • The address, legal description
  • The purchase price, payment terms
  • Any conditions
  • Review of declarations and warranties
  • Liability clauses
  • Urban planning regulations, use, and purpose of the property

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