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FRELA provides assistance with foreign investment declarations (acquisitions and disposals).

You are planning to buy or sell a business in France: validate the need for a declaration.

FRELA helps you complete the declaration process for your foreign investments in France.

Given the complexity of French legal and tax regulations, FRELA provides comprehensive assistance in the declaration of foreign investments, specifically tailored to your business sales, acquisitions, or investments in France.

Restrictions on Foreign Investments: Declaration of Real Estate Investments Exceeding 15 Million Euros (Article R. 152-3, Monetary and Financial Code)

Any foreign investment exceeding 15 million euros is subject to a declaration with the Banque de France. This declaration must be made within 20 working days following the completion of the investment.

We assist you in preparing your declarations for foreign investments.

Foreign investments in France are regulated by several laws and decrees, including Decree No. 2017-932 of May 10, 2017, which established a new regime for declaring foreign investments in France. The main procedures for declaring foreign investments in France and the key points to know are as follows:

What is a foreign investment in France? A foreign investment in France is an investment made by a foreign individual or legal entity, acquiring assets in France, such as company shares, real estate, or intangible assets.

Assets subject to declaration: The May 2017 decree establishes a list of assets subject to declaration, including companies subject to prior authorization, real estate located in certain sensitive areas, and strategic sectors of activity.

Investors concerned: All foreign investors are required to declare their investments, whether they are individuals or legal entities. However, investors from the European Union are exempt from declaration, unless they are based in a third country.

Declaration deadline: Foreign investors must declare their investment before its realization. The declaration deadline varies depending on the nature of the investment, but it is usually within 15 working days.

Declaration procedure: The declaration of foreign investments in France is done online through the “” platform. Investors must fill out an online form, providing information about the investment and the investor.

Content of the declaration: The declaration must contain information about the investor, the acquired asset, the nature of the investment, and the value of the investment.

Competent authorities: The Ministry of Economy and Finance is the competent authority for processing declarations of foreign investments in France. It is also responsible for issuing prior authorizations for investments subject to authorization.

Control of foreign investments: The competent authorities may conduct checks on declared foreign investments to ensure compliance with applicable rules. Controls may focus on the investor’s identity, the origin of funds, and the nature of the investment.

Sanctions for non-compliance with rules: Non-compliance with rules regarding the declaration of foreign investments in France may result in sanctions, such as fines or nullity of the investment.


For more information, we invite you to discover our legal guide on foreign investments in France (upon request).

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