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Our legal services in real estate law for buyers

FRELA offers a comprehensive legal service dedicated to the acquisition of luxury and high-end real estate in France.

We take into account your needs to provide you with advice and full support throughout the entire transaction process, from property search to completion.

We assist our clients in legal counsel and representation in resolving specific legal disputes related to property acquisitions. We also offer a pre-acquisition service to ensure the legal security of your purchase. FRELA helps you verify, secure, and optimize all your legal issues.

We conduct a legal due diligence of your target property. To help you assess the purchase price of your property, we provide data on the value of similar transactions in the area. We assist you in drafting the purchase offer, reviewing documentation, and contract review. We coordinate with notaries and provide guidance in drafting urgent agreements.

Our legal services in real estate law aim to secure and optimize your acquisitions.

FRELA real estate sales and business disposals

Legal audit

We assist you in conducting a legal due diligence for real estate investment. In the first step, we will compile a list of strengths and weaknesses identified from the analysis of your target.

  • Analysis of legal issues in the case
  • Verification of preemption rights
  • Clearance of appeal deadlines
  • Analysis of environmental situation and soil pollution
  • Verification of building permits
  • Local regulations
  • Subdivision regulations
  • Prior declaration

Legal research and drafting of the offer

FRELA’s attorneys and legal representatives in real estate transactions accompany and advise you in drafting your purchase offer to secure and optimize your transactions in France. The purchase offer is sensitive and should include the following specific information:

  • The purchase price
  • The validity period of the offer
  • The type of property
  • The seller’s response modalities
  • The withdrawal period
  • The financing method
  • The suspensive clauses
FRELA French real estate lawyer Ranked among the top law firms in France

Review of acquisition documentation

To conduct a review of the acquisition documentation for a property in France, it is important to consider several key elements to ensure that the transaction is compliant. The main elements to consider are:

  • The title deed
  • The preliminary sales agreement
  • The notarial deeds
  • Taxes and fees
  • Technical surveys and reports
  • Easements and servitudes
  • The urban planning certificate
  • Any existing mortgages or liens
  • Termination clauses
  • Suspensive conditions
  • Guarantees and insurance
  • Seller’s obligations
FRELA French real estate lawyer support during the offer to purchase a property or business

Review of the acquisition contract

FRELA provides a review of your acquisition contract. We ensure the security and optimization of your acquisition contracts according to your needs and to your benefits. FRELA helps you avoid pitfalls, reduce the likelihood of disputes, understand the tax and legal constraints, and takes into account your obligations and rights.

Real estate purchase transactions must be concluded through a written agreement: the real estate purchase contract or acquisition contract (compromise, protocol, authentic deed, share transfer, etc.). The buyer initially makes an offer which the seller may choose to accept or reject. The purpose of the document is to outline what the buyer and seller must do before the property transfer takes place.

Lawyers specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

Coordination of the parties

The attorney acting as a mandatary in real estate transactions is a legal professional who is authorized by a client to assist them in the purchase or sale of a property. They are responsible for ensuring the proper execution of the various stages of the real estate transaction and safeguarding the interests of their client.

At FRELA, our attorneys play a central role in coordinating the parties involved in a real estate transaction, including notaries, real estate agencies, and clients. In this capacity, our main function is to ensure efficient and secure management of the transaction, ensuring that all legal aspects of the transaction are properly handled and our clients’ interests are protected.

FRELA real estate transaction and business acquisition

Drafting of urgent agreements

FRELA assists you in drafting the content of your urgent agreements.

If you have tight deadlines, it is crucial to secure and optimize the drafting of your urgent agreements to your advantage. Real estate purchase transactions are concluded by a written agreement: the real estate purchase contract or acquisition contract (compromise, protocol, authentic deed, share transfer, etc.).

The contract must include a number of rights and obligations for both the buyer and the seller.

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