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FRELA provides a legal and tax service for analyzing VAT issues.

Are you planning to sell or purchase a real estate property or a business?

FRELA assists you in analyzing the implications of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Given the complexity of French legal and tax regulations, FRELA offers a comprehensive service to support you in analyzing VAT issues specifically related to your real estate sales and transactions in France.

Entrust your high-end real estate or business sale project to one of our appointed lawyers to receive experienced and informed advice, ensuring legal security for your sales and effective planning and optimization of your tax and VAT matters.

We assist businesses in the tax planning of their real estate and business sale or acquisition projects in France.

During the acquisition or sale of real estate properties and businesses in France, VAT considerations can be complex and require careful analysis. Here are key points to consider when analyzing the VAT implications in these transactions.

Distinction between real estate and business VAT: VAT on real estate and businesses differs in France; understanding the distinction between these two types of transactions is essential to determine the applicable rules.

Basic rules of real estate VAT: In France, real estate VAT is generally 20% and applies to the sale of new properties but can also apply to the sale of existing properties under certain circumstances.

Basic rules of business VAT: Business VAT is generally 20% in France and applies to the sale of a business in whole or in part, including the sale of tangible and intangible assets.

VAT option: In France, businesses can choose to opt for VAT for certain transactions, which can have significant implications for buyers and sellers.

Implications of VAT for intra-community transactions: When the transaction involves parties in different European Union countries, it is necessary to understand the VAT rules applicable to intra-community transactions.

VAT exemptions: Some transactions may be exempt from VAT in France, such as the sale of existing real estate properties or the sale of businesses when the buyer is an individual.

VAT recovery rules: When VAT is paid on a transaction, buyers may be entitled to VAT recovery under certain conditions.

Implications of VAT for complex real estate transactions: Complex real estate transactions, such as real estate development or leaseback transactions, can have significant VAT implications.

Risks of non-compliance with VAT: Non-compliance with VAT rules can result in significant penalties and fines.

Importance of working with qualified VAT professionals: Due to the complexity of the VAT regime in France, it is essential to work with qualified professionals, such as specialized real estate and tax lawyers, to ensure compliance and minimize risks.


In conclusion, analyzing the VAT implications in the acquisition or sale of real estate properties and businesses in France can be complex and requires a deep understanding of the applicable rules. It is highly recommended to engage an experienced appointed lawyer specializing in real estate transactions.

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