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Find or sell your villa in France.

Purchase and Sale of Luxury Villas in France

Are you considering buying or selling an esteemed villa in France? FRELA’s real estate lawyers ensure a secure transaction and provide top-notch legal and tax expertise.

Specialized attorneys in high-end villa transactions:

Based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz, our real estate lawyers operate throughout France to assist individuals and foreign investors in their projects of acquiring or selling prestigious villas. With our in-depth knowledge of the market as well as legal and tax regulations, we offer a comprehensive and personalized service.

Customized support in every step of your transaction

FRELA provides you with a complete legal and transactional service, from finding the ideal property to the handover of keys. We assign a dedicated attorney specialized in acquisitions, who will be your privileged contact throughout the process. Our team offers expertise in legal, administrative, financial, and tax aspects, ensuring the optimal security of your project.

Strategic partnerships for a successful transaction

In addition to our legal services, FRELA has established partnerships with experienced professionals, including notaries, banks, location agencies, and investment banks. Through these collaborations, we provide you with an all-inclusive solution, connecting you with the best service providers in the market to successfully carry out your real estate transaction.

Targeted search and advantageous negotiations

FRELA also offers a villa search service across the entire market. Based on your criteria, our attorney conducts a selection of properties that match your expectations. Furthermore, we organize targeted visits, providing you with our advice and expertise. As skilled negotiators, we strive to obtain the best price in your interest.


Why choose FRELA’s real estate lawyer for buying or selling a villa in France? Because we understand your real estate needs and are committed to successfully negotiating your contract. We accompany you at every step, providing relevant legal and tax advice, verifying the accuracy of contracts and administrative documents, and ensuring full compliance with regulations. Trust our network and expertise to save time and optimize your real estate transaction.

Contact us and present your project to us.


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