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FRELA provides legal and tax advisory services to support you in your mergers, acquisitions, and sales of vineyard properties.

Are you planning to buy or sell a vineyard property in France?

For your complex and high-value real estate transactions, especially in the context of a vineyard property transaction, FRELA’s legal advisors can support you in optimizing and securing your merger, acquisition, and sale operations from a legal standpoint.

As legal advisors specializing in personal and professional real estate transactions, with offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Biarritz, we provide services throughout France.

Real estate acquisition law encompasses the legal rules and regulations governing personal and professional real estate transactions in accordance with the state’s objectives.

A legal advisor specializing in personal and professional real estate transactions is a sworn professional who masters the different laws and conventions that must be adhered to in any real estate transaction project. Their main role is to secure and optimize transactions in the best interests of their clients. They assist you in finding and/or selling your property, preparing and handling the necessary legal and tax verifications for the smooth progress of your transactions. In the case of disputes related to real estate and business transactions, the legal advisor can also represent you in court.

Given the complexity of the market and the legal and tax regulations in France, FRELA provides comprehensive legal and transactional services to businesses, individuals, and foreign investors.

Real Estate Law: We assist you in fulfilling all information obligations towards the buyer, including the necessary diagnostics for the sale of vineyard parcels and residential and/or operational buildings.

Rural Law: We verify the existence and validity of lease contracts and handle SAFER preemption rights. (To learn more, we invite you to read our article by clicking here: The Sempastous Law: An Overview of Agricultural Law in France and SAFER Preemption Rights)

Structural Control and Operating Authorization: We help you determine if an operating authorization is required. If so, we assist you in applying for authorization from the Departmental Commission for Agricultural Organizations (DCAO) or the structures commission.

Vineyard Status: We assist you in providing comprehensive information to the buyer, including the Computerized Vineyard Registry (CVR) and an NIOQ attestation.

Specific Information Obligations in the Wine Industry: We guide you in providing information on the vineyard’s health status, distribution contracts, supply contracts, subscriptions, and other aspects specific to the wine industry.

Business Law: We help you prepare a detailed list of the equipment being sold, verify the validity of the transferred trademarks, handle labor law issues, and manage the customer database.

Tax Law: We provide advice on the tax implications of the sale, including VAT, capital gains, and favorable tax regimes available for the sale of agricultural assets.

Our support in vineyard merger, acquisition, and sale transactions:

  • Legal and tax due diligence of the vineyard property
  • Vineyard property acquisition
  • Vineyard property sale
  • Drafting/reviewing the vineyard property purchase offer
  • Drafting/reviewing the vineyard property sale contract
  • Drafting/reviewing the vineyard property sale agreement
  • Reviewing the vineyard property acquisition documentation
  • Notary coordination for vineyard property transactions
  • Drafting/reviewing the acquisition contract
  • Analysis of VAT issues
  • Identification of the vineyard property acquisition structure
  • Tax regime of the vineyard property acquisition structure
  • Determination of the depreciation policy and tax impact
  • Declaration of foreign investments

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