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How to secure the purchase of professional real estate in France


Investing in professional real estate can be a wise decision to diversify your investment portfolio and generate passive income. However, purchasing a professional real estate property can be complex and risky.

Conduct thorough due diligence

When purchasing a professional real estate property, it is essential to conduct thorough due diligence. This involves investigating the property’s history, ensuring it is compliant with construction standards, conducting an analysis of the local real estate market, verifying lease agreements and tenancy agreements, etc.

It is crucial to engage an expert to assist with due diligence. A lawyer specializing in professional real estate can help draft and review relevant contracts and documents to avoid potential legal problems.


Understand legal and tax obligations

Purchasing professional real estate can be complex in terms of legal and tax obligations. It is essential to understand current laws and regulations to avoid legal and tax problems. For instance, it is crucial to be familiar with local zoning regulations and building permits.

It is also vital to understand local taxes such as property tax and occupancy tax, as well as national taxes such as VAT and corporate tax. To avoid problems, it is recommended to work with a lawyer specializing in tax law to understand the tax implications of your investment.


Have a clear exit strategy

When investing in professional real estate, it is essential to have a clear exit strategy in place. This can include selling the property, long-term leasing, or seasonal leasing. It is crucial to determine your exit strategy before purchasing the property because it can affect how you manage the investment. It is also important to consider the optimal time to exit your investment. For instance, it may be wise to sell your property when interest rates are low or when the real estate market is on the rise.


Understand investment risks

Investing in professional real estate carries risks such as vacancy rates, fluctuations in the real estate market, legal and tax issues, etc. It is essential to understand these risks before investing in professional real estate and factor them into your investment strategy.

Finally, it is important to consider any charges and necessary work that must be done on the property before finalizing the purchase. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property before purchase to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Verify acquisition charges

When acquiring professional real estate in France, it is important to verify the acquisition charges. These charges include agency fees, notary fees, transfer taxes, and taxes. It is recommended to engage a tax lawyer to conduct a thorough analysis of costs and provide advice on how to minimize acquisition costs.


In summary, purchasing professional real estate in France can be an excellent investment opportunity, but it is crucial to consider certain aspects to avoid pitfalls. It is essential to surround yourself with a competent professional team and thoroughly examine the legal and tax situation before committing to the purchase. Engaging a lawyer specializing in real estate law can be a major asset to secure the purchase and avoid mistakes.

About the Author :

Business lawyers, bilingual, specialized in acquisition law; Benoit Lafourcade is co-founder of Delcade lawyers & solicitors and founder of FRELA; registered as agents in personal and professional real estate transactions. Member of AAMTI (main association of French lawyers and agents).

FRELA : French Real Estate Lawyer Agency, specializing in acquisition law to secure real estate and business transactions in France.

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