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Researching and finding a high-end property in France


As a foreigner, finding the perfect high-end property in France can seem daunting. However, with its stunning architecture, rich history, and beautiful landscapes, France remains a top destination for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest in real estate.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious chateau, a stylish apartment in Paris, or a sprawling villa on the French Riviera, there are plenty of options to choose from. The key to success is understanding the local real estate market, working with trusted professionals, and having a clear understanding of your needs and budget.

With the right guidance, you can navigate the complex world of French real estate and find your dream property in this beautiful country.

Key points to consider when researching and finding a high-end property in France:

Determine your location: France is a large country with diverse regions and cities, each with its own unique character and charm. Consider which location suits your lifestyle and preferences, such as proximity to the beach or mountains, city or countryside living.

Research the market: Take time to research the real estate market in your desired location. Consult with local experts, such as real estate agents and transaction lawyers, to gain a better understanding of the market and identify the areas where high-end properties are available.

Consider off-market properties: Some high-end properties are not publicly listed and may only be available through private networks or word-of-mouth. Consider working with a real estate agent who has access to these off-market properties.

Attend property exhibitions and fairs: Property exhibitions and fairs are a great way to connect with real estate professionals and view a wide range of high-end properties in one location.

Use online resources: Online property portals and websites can be a valuable resource for researching high-end properties in France. However, be aware that not all properties may be listed online.

Visit the properties: Once you’ve identified potential properties, schedule visits to view them in person. This will give you a better understanding of the property and help you determine if it meets your needs.

Conduct due diligence: Before making an offer on a high-end property, conduct due diligence to ensure that the property is legally sound and meets your requirements. A real estate transaction lawyer can assist with this process and help identify any potential issues.

Negotiate the purchase: Once you’ve found the right property, negotiate the purchase price and terms with the seller. A real estate transaction lawyer can assist with this process and ensure that the agreement is legally binding and protects your interests.

Close the transaction: Once the purchase agreement has been signed, the transaction will need to be closed. This involves transferring funds and completing all necessary paperwork with the notary.


By following these key points, you can research and find a high-end property in France that meets your needs and preferences. Remember to take your time, conduct thorough research, and consult with professionals to ensure a successful, secure and optimized transaction.

About the Author :

Business lawyers, bilingual, specialized in acquisition law; Benoit Lafourcade is co-founder of Delcade lawyers & solicitors and founder of FRELA; registered as agents in personal and professional real estate transactions. Member of AAMTI (main association of French lawyers and agents).

FRELA : French Real Estate Lawyer Agency, specializing in acquisition law to secure real estate and business transactions in France.

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