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The actors of real estate management in France


Real estate management in France is an activity that is shared by several actors. They are responsible for various tasks related to the management of real estate properties

Syndics of co-ownership

The law requires that each co-ownership has a syndic to ensure its administration. The syndic of co-ownership can be a natural or legal person, who acts as a mandatary of the co-ownership syndicate. As the legal representative of the co-ownership syndicate, the syndic represents all the co-owners of the building and is responsible for the management and administration of the building.

The syndic of co-ownership is an essential actor in real estate management in France. They are responsible for managing the common areas of a co-owned building. The syndic is chosen by the general assembly of co-owners. They are responsible for the administration of the co-ownership, management of the work, accounting, and management of conflicts between co-owners.


Property managers

Property managers are specialized actors in real estate management. They can be responsible for rental management, management of real estate properties, co-ownership management, and management of work.

The property manager is a professional in real estate management who is mandated by owners to manage their properties intended for rental. They work for individuals or companies who rent houses, apartments, or office buildings. They are responsible for finding tenants for owners, organizing visits, carrying out the inventory of fixtures of the property, and establishing the lease agreement. The property manager is also a mediator in the event of a dispute between the owner and the tenant. They have a solid knowledge of real estate law and are required to comply with the legislation in force regarding property management. To practice this profession, they must have a professional card bearing the mention “rental management” or “real estate management”, issued by the Prefecture and renewed annually. They are subject to strict regulations and must comply with legal standards in real estate management. In summary, the property manager is a key actor in real estate management in France, who ensures professional and responsible management of properties intended for rental.


Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies are major actors in real estate management in France. They are responsible for connecting owners and tenants or buyers. They are responsible for managing real estate properties on behalf of owners.

To delegate the rental management of their property, the owner must sign a management mandate with the real estate agency of their choice. Delegating the rental management of their property to a real estate agency saves time, especially for visits and inventory of fixtures. The advice of the real estate agent and their client file can also help the owner reduce tenant turnover and thus optimize rental profitability. Managing the rental of one’s property oneself involves the production of many documents, such as rent calls, monthly receipts, regularization of charges, and tax declarations, which requires solid legal and accounting knowledge and a lot of time. Delegating this mission to professionals can, therefore, be an interesting solution for the owner.


Online rental management

Online real estate professionals offer services similar to those of traditional real estate agencies while maximizing the advantages offered by digital solutions.  Using an online real estate agency for rental management offers many benefits for property owners.

This includes:

  • Cost reduction: online real estate agencies often offer more competitive rates than traditional real estate agencies, which can reduce rental management costs.
  • Accessibility: online real estate agencies are always available, allowing the owner to access all the information related to the management of their property at any time.
  • Increased visibility: online real estate agencies generally have great visibility on the internet, which can help find tenants more quickly and easily.


Real estate management in France is an activity that is shared by several actors. They each play an important role in the management of real estate properties. It is essential for each of these actors to respect the legal and regulatory standards in force to ensure effective and responsible management of real estate properties.

It can be interesting for property owners to call on real estate management professionals to help them manage their properties. These professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to guarantee optimal management and to avoid problems related to real estate management.



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